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Product Descriptions

IGESPEEK™ is an interactive utility for browsing through IGES files. It is able to parse the DE and PD Sections of IGES files and present the information in a more user-friendly form. This product has been available since 1988. The latest distribution includes both Microsoft® Windows™ and DOS versions, and a Linux version. It supports the new IGES Version 5.3 entities (including the B-Rep Solids), and AutoCAD Release 12 Impelementor Defined Properties.

IGESXTRACT™ is an interactive utility for extracting copies of entities from an IGES file. The recursive algorithm will copy all child entities referenced from DE or PD fields, and correct all of the pointers automagically. It will not duplicate previously copied entities. All annotation, geometry (curves and surfaces), and topology (solids) entities are fully supported.

IGESMERGE™ is a utility for merging two IGES files into a single file. It can be used in two ways, either merging two files into a third file, or appending one file to another. IGESMERGE is handy for adding information to an IGES file that is required by MIL-D-28000 but not generated by a vendor's IGES preprocessor. For example, a Drawing (Type 404), its Properties (Types 406:15, 406:16, and 406:17), and a View (Type 410) can be extracted from a conforming IGES file using IGESXTRACT and then appended to another IGES file using IGESMERGE.

IGESDRAW™ is a utility for generating plots from IGES files on virtually any plotting device. The data in the IGES file is converted into either (a) a file of Hewlett Packard Graphics Language (HPGL) commands, or (b) a file of Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) commands. (HPGL and EPS image files can be imported for use by WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, LaTeX, and other popular desktop publishing systems.) IGESDRAW supports all of the MIL-D-28000 Class I (Technical Illustration) IGES subset entities, and most of the IGES Engineering Drawing Application Protocol entities. The technical illustrations in IGES Versions 5.0 and onward were generated using IGESDRAW.

IGESGUMP™ is an exciting new freeware utility for displaying IGES files. A copy is available for download even as we speak.

IGESCOUNT™ is a new freeware utility for counting the different ENT:FORM combinations within an IGES file.

IGESDATE™ is a freeware utility for synchronizing file dates of IGES files. It reads the date in the Global field 18 (Date and Time of Exchange File Generation), and then it changes the MS-DOS date/time stamp on the file to reflect that date. (Not available in a Linux version.)

Please see the WiZ WORX Shareware Page to download MS-DOS executables of these utilities.

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