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WiZ WORX Logo WiZ WORX was founded in 1983 to provide graphics programming utilities for MS-DOS based computers. In 1988, WiZ WORX introduced IGESPEEK™, the first interactive browser for IGES files, and began selling the WiZ WORX IGES Source Library (WISL™) in 1991. In 1997, WiZ WORX released IGESGUMP™, a Generic Unsupported MIME Plotter (GUMP) for viewing IGES files with World Wide Web browsers like Mosaic and Netscape, using a free Java applet that supports Wavefront .obj format.

WiZ WORX is a member of the National IGES User Group (NIUG), the CALS Test Network (CTN), and was the founding member of the US Product Data Association (US PRO).

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