"I lead because you choose to follow, not because I know where I'm going."
- Nikola Tesla
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Enter the world of a pioneering mercenary in the Information Revolution.
The WiZ WORX HomePage

The source for IGES tools.™
Software Imagineering since 1983.
AUTOFACT-6 IGES test files

Used to demonstrate
vendor interoperability
[366th Infantry]
366th Infantry Regiment

Buffalo soldiers from World War II.
Chiana's HomePage

Dennette's medically prescribed,
assisted living companion animal since 2002.
RDML "Amazing Grace" Hopper

"It is easier to ask forgiveness
than it is to get permission."
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Dennette's Star Trek®
and SciFi URLs

Live long and perspire!
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Dennette's Photography Career

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Dennette Harrod's Resume

Also available as a MS-Word .DOC file.
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